Performance At A Higher Level

The Difference It Can Make

     For those seeking the ultimate in speed, maneuverability, efficiency and dependability, nothing matches the Arneson Surface Drive Concept.
     Simply put, Arneson Drives are among the most efficient marine propulsion systems in the world.  Their
surface-piercing propeller design reduces underwater drag. by 50% compared to conventional submerged drive systems.  The only surface to contact the water are the propeller blades and a protective skeg.  This results in higher overall speed, quicker acceleration, and a better payload to power ratio. 
    And 50% less drag significantly improves fuel economy while lowering operating costs.  As speed increases, so do performance and operating benefits.
     Thousands of these drives have been successfully operated for many years on pleasurecraft, commercial and military applications throughout the world.  So today you have tested performance and reliability in Arneson Drives to fit craft from 30 to 200ft.
     When a piercing propeller is used in conjunction with an Arneson Surface Drive system, you have the ability to adjust the propeller submergence while under way.  This has an effect similar to varying the diameter of a fully submerged propeller and allows one propeller to match a wide range of vessel operating conditions.  This capability is also similar to adjusting the pitch on a controllable pitch propeller.
     The ability to trim the drive allows the propeller submergence to match the engine horsepower output, thus converting more horsepower to thrust while the engine is operating within its power curve. 
     Surface piercing propellers ventilate to the surface rather than cavitate under the hull.  This reduces noise and eliminates destructive erosion of the hull and propellers.
     The design of the Arneson Drive system  eliminates all underwater appendages.  And the surface drive system operates in protected water behind the hull.  Access to shallow water harbors and prime cruising grounds is enhanced.
     Propellers are accessible because they are not buried deep under the hull but are protected by the boat's swimstep or cockpit overhang.  With the drives raised, the propellers can be easily removed from the swimstep, a dock, or in shallow water.
     Directing the propellers (articulation) provides the steering control for all surface drive models.  You steer with the positive thrust of the propeller, not by vectoring propeller thrust against a rudder.  This feature gives excellent maneuverability at all speeds.

Trimmable Propeller Shaft
     To enhance performance and versatility, the propeller shaft angle is vertically adjustable, even while underway.  This allows the helmsman to achieve the optimum propeller thrust angle depending on load and sea conditions at any given time.

Positive Thrust Steering
     Steering control and response time is maximized when the propeller function is the essential directional force. Unlike conventional systems that vector prop thrust off an external rudder, the Arneson Surface Drive angles the propeller in the appropriate direction of motion.

Responsive Maneuverability
Because the Arneson Surface Drive has positive thrust steering, it can turn tighter, with greater control than conventional propulsion systems.  Propellers are located aft, behind the hull, increasing steering leverage and improving maneuverability at all speeds.  

Shallow Water Capabilities
     With a trimmable propeller shaft and no fixed underwater appendages, your craft will require significantly less draft than conventional powered hulls.  You'll have greater access to shallow water areas. 
     Arneson Surface Drives are designed and manufactured for maximum duty applications and to last the life of your vessel.
     For all its sophisticated performance, it is a less mechanically complex and fragile design than other propulsion systems.  For example, the inline models have fewer than 20 moving parts.  Since there's a more efficient relationship between parts, there's less that can go wrong.  Low maintenance and lower repair costs are inherent to the design and manufacture.
     High quality corrosion-resistant materials matched to exacting tolerances are used in all Arneson Surface Drive units.  All models are available in manganese bronze for maximum corrosion resistance and strength.  Aluminum models are available using a marine grade aluminum alloy.
     Arneson Surface Drives are easily bolted to the transom of the vessel.  There are no complicated intake ducts to construct or shafts that require critical alignment as with thru-hull water jets.

Does This Fit Your Idea Of Performance?
      When compared to installations of competitive propulsion systems, Arneson Drives allow greater flexibility of engine placement.  This feature permits maximum utilization of space throughout the vessel and is well-suited for modern aft engine room yachts.
     The Connection between the marine transmission and the drive is accomplished with universal joint (cardan) drivelines.  The length of connections depends on the distance between a marine transmission and the drive.  
     There are no limitations such as shaft angle, blade top clearance, draft, etc. to restrict selection of the optimum diameter propeller.  No other marine propulsion system is so adaptable to such a wide range of engine sizes and types.  Whether gasoline, diesel, or gas turbine, there's an Arneson Surface Drive designed specifically to fit virtually every power plant option, accommodating torque outputs exceeding 30,000 ft./lbs.
     Arneson Drives can bring superior power, better overall performance and improved operating efficiencies to a broad array of boats, both pleasure craft and commercial vessels.  But to make sure that your particular installation is appropriate and cost-effective, we thoroughly analyze your boat's design and intended operation.  This allows the proper choice of drive, propeller size, and installation procedure.  More important, it would ensure that your Arneson Surface Drive will live up to your expectations.
     For more information on putting the power of Arneson Surface Drives behind your boat, call Twin Disc at (414)634-1981.