Arneson Drives Bring More performance 
To The Surface

Water Repellent

     When it comes to power boat racing, Arneson Surface Drives bring more power, more propulsion, and more maneuverability to the point.  And the point is speed.  The patented surface piercing propeller system with its adjustable angle of attack allows the hull to accelerate faster and achieve higher top end than conventional drives.
     Adjusting Propeller Submergence - or trimming the drive - allows better matching of the engine horsepower output to velocity of the boat at every moment.  This converts more power to the thrust while the engine is operating within its rated power curve. 
     Surface piercing propellers ventilate to the surface rather than cavitate under the hull.  This makes them move water more efficiently and faster.
          Positive thrust steering puts turning power precisely where you want, not deflecting off a rudder.  You get faster, tighter turns.
     No propeller or waterjet drive puts more force behind your boat than Arneson.

More Power, Less Fuel

     Arnesons are more than just fast, they're more economical to operate. The reduced drag and more efficient thrust give you more propulsion with less horsepower. If you're specing out a boat, keep that in mind.
     Arneson Drives can reduce your engines costs and still provide the performance you're looking for.  Or, whatever engine you fit in your hull, Arnesons will maximize your output well beyond a conventional propeller-drive system. 
     So, whether you need to race a storm back to port or just want to cruise more economically, Arneson Drives give you more performance with fewer gallons of fuel.

Drag Is Such Waste

     Arneson Drives reduce underwater drag by 50% compared to conventional submerged propeller drive systems.  This results in higher overall speed, quicker acceleration, and a better payload to power ratio.  There are no rudder and under hull appendages to create drag.  Cleaner hull and "raiseable" drive shaft mean shallower draft.  You can cruise over shallows others can't.

Race Proven

     Race drivers are looking for speed, pure and simple.  That's why they drive Arnesons.  But the racing circuit is also the proving ground for performance and reliability.  If Arneson Drives are built to endure the rigors of racing, they're built to give you the dependable operation and reliability you need to count on at sea.  No wonder racers and boat owners who want to get out front and stay there are driving Arneson Drives.
     if you have the need for speed as well as overall improved boat performance and reduced operating costs, take a look at Arneson Drives.  But look quick.  They're going fast.